Custom LV Birthday Tutu Outfit, LV Designer Dress

The Tutu Princess / Khristy’s Unique Tutu Boutique


Custom LV themed birthday outfit for Kayla

The outfit will be designed in the colors It would be white and gold with brown ( the LV print)

The embroidery shirt will have the birthday number name and the initials LV next to the number representing the Louis Vuitton logo  the birthday number will be appliquéd with the Louis Vuitton brown fabric as in the pictures.

The tutu will be designed with the Louis Vuitton, designer ribbon as one layer and the other layers gold with white on a brown tutu.

The matching hairbow will also be designed with the designer Louis Vuitton ribbon and logo center piece.

The full set includes the birthday shirt, ribbon trim tutu and matching hairbow. 

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